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Alec Troven

Out of Character Information for Journal

A brief-ish history of what the fuck is happening in this journal. Alec is rather free with his history. Half the time he makes it up as he goes along. Inhabiting this journal are several versions, or alternates, of Alec. One or two are sort of meta-aware of the others. The rest exist on their own. Also as this journal is for a character who is actively having his history built as he's a character in my novel series, facts about his past, present and future change. For Alec aware of these things, all of them are true and he finds it mildly amusing.

The best example of this is in regards to his love life. Currently he's had several lovers since the start of this journal. It began with his wife, Verra verra_rose, and Lorac lorac_seriph (Yes, I know real creative journal names.) Lorac was/is his insane soul-mate as it stands currently, though this is in flux. Then there was Jono cutting_visions, Alec's old lover. In several RPs back listed, he's been shown as an abusive and possessive lover. However, in writing the novels, he just didn't work like that, and I discovered that he was actually madly in love with Alec and while being an utter prat he's still not abusive. In fact he took over Verra's role who while they were friends I couldn't really feel any romantic chemistry with. (But this is a very recent development)

With me so far?

Then! In the course of the Role Playing Alec met a fire god name Kairos who was played by someone else and they started up a relationship. And it was good. There was much sex. However, Alec being an utter flake, flirted with anyone who came by (male and female) upset Kairos' player and she retconed their relationship. Alec wasn't too happy about it and he cried for a while, but got over it. And he met another nice man named Michael and they dated for a while and then shit happened and they sort of didn't break up. I tried to restart Alec's continuity.

It didn't work. The bastard refused to restart. This is what you get when you have a meta aware pup.

SO! Currently Alec is back to his beginning state of being marvelously self aware of the fourth wall to the point of ignoring it entirely. However, never fear, he'll not break it for your pups in a role-play. He'll just present himself as a rather spazzy individual with too much power; which he'll freely admit to having, and somewhat of a (sort of homeless) drifter through the multiverse.

He does have some homes per-say. There's the Passages Inn, which he doesn't really use any more and then his canon home which he acknowledges its existence but doesn't really live there because he as he is now doesn't fit.

He is trying to start up a relationship with Phoenix ashes_ascending and if things go well, try and crash there. So far things are going well.

There will probably also be bits and pieces of story bits that I throw up here as they occur to me.
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