Alec Troven (elementwizard) wrote,
Alec Troven

Scariest thing on purpose.

daemonmuses prompt. Week Four

The scariest thing you've ever done on purpose.

Oh this one is easy. Defy the King of the Fey. In the middle of the Wild Hunt.

If there's one way to get yourself easily killed is to do that. But he'd turned a woman into a doe for sport. She had been on the crossroads on a misty night, which is never a smart thing to do. But she was still a woman. I could see her daemon, it was a ghost-deer running along side of her. Gave me chills to see it.

The fey don't have daemons you know. They can fake it real well if they're pretending to be human, but the don't have them. I guess it's because they're not mortal. I mean, my family's daemon's have always been a bit off. Never really quite settling like others. They could not change form for years and then, just for a second, they will. I think it's the fey blood in us. The Fey are mutable, timeless, and so just a tiny bit of it is us. Even more than what fives me the pointy ears.

But I had been dragged onto the Wild Hunt by the King and we were out chasing this woman. And she was terrified beyond measure. Huge dogs with red eyes and black horses without horns and glowing black eyes as well - like fire. All I could do was hold on.

We - no the Hunt- cornered her in a small boxed in area in the woods. There was no way to escape. And so I... I attacked the king, pushing ahead of him and putting myself between him and the woman. Trey was big, in his phoenix form, I guess that's about when he mostly really settled, flying around her not letting the dogs get close.

The King... He was enraged. Have you ever seen a storm, I mean a real storm that makes everyone hide inside, lighting flashing and thunder booming for hours on end and you're sure it's the gods coming to destroy the world? It was like that. His anger just seem to encompass the entire world.

I didn't move.

I was scared to death.

I was sure I was going to die.

But I didn't move. I couldn't move. I couldn't let the woman die like that.

He tried to strike me down, but suddenly I had a sword in my hands. The sword in my hands. The Sword of Dragons. It chose me as its champion. It left Marlina.

After that there wasn't anything he could really do to me.

Well except break my arm and leave some nasty scars.

The important thing was that he let the woman go.

That, that was the scariest thing I ever did on purpose.
Tags: daemon muse
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