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That was unexpected.

Verra and I were enjoying ourselves in the bedroom when my powers hiccuped. And much to our ever lasting delight we ended up in the 1800's in the middle of the Old West, human. Both of us. Well I mean, I am human, mostly, but Verra she's a dragon. But here she wasn't. She was human. Grade A, no pointed ears, slit pupils or fire breathing human. And we were in I think it was going to be California...maybe it was Arizona. I don't really remember. Stupid states are all the same anyway.

I managed to get a job as a ranch hand to provide for the two of us. Verra was devestated at the loss of her dragonic self and spent most of the time in isolation in our rooms. It was a really hard change for her. She lost a lot of her senses and strength, didn't know what to do, didn't know how to be human. It was hard seeing her so down. She's usually so upbeat like nothing could get her down. And then she was just moping around all the time, staring out at the sky.

One of the women at the ranch brought her a little bird that had fallen out of its nest to take care of, hoping that it'd make her feel better. Verra just stared at it and then when the woman left snapped its neck.

We were there for three years.

About three months ago she... well.... Verra's pregnant. We didn't even think about it really because dragons can't become pregnant until their current offspring are mature. But she wasn't a dragon... she was human. And now we're having a baby...

Verra's taken maternity leave from the PPC which leaves me with my old partner, Marc-C. We've tolerated each other. Or she's tolerated me. Apparently hyperactive, magpie ex-stus aren't her cup of tea. I hope she doesn't insist that I start taking those meds again. I hated those. I couldn't think at all on them. Not going to take them.

I'm worried about the baby. Verra was human when she concived. But now she's not. I don't know if the baby transfered over well... we're going to go see the doctor tomorrow. It'll be okay hopefully.
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