Cut in Time

A Wanderer Though The Rifts

Alec Troven
29 February 1980
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Age 24
Height 5'10"
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black

Physical Description

Lanky with dusky skin and a fey look about him. Rather elbows and knees at times, like he hasn't finished puberty yet (which he hasn't). Sort of half finished looking. His hair is usually messy, not the sort that stays neat, and tends to fall in his eyes. He has pointed ears. Large pointed ears that stick out. Has a tattoo on the right side of his face.


Alec has a rather mishmash of powers. His most proficient one is the manipulation of the four elements. He's a minor empath and precognitive and has an uncanny knack for finding anything. The finding things knack is probably related to his precognition.

Also he's a great big Gary Stu and can manipulate time and reality calling himself the physical embodiment of Chaos. But he's not like that in Canon. And yes, he does have a canon. It's just not published yet.

Go here to see the wiki with information about his world.


Alec is a big fan of revisionist, accumulative history. As in, it happened. Every bit. Even the stuff supposedly retconed or changed. That happened too. Even the things no one wants to admit happened (including himself) happened.


The above is true. It's also a lie. But that's okay. Really. Because he's a self acknowledged Gary Stu, but don't worry, he won't break the fourth wall unless you ask him to. For more information on what I'm talking about see here

Alec is an OC who belongs to me. Orlando Bloom belongs to himself, I can't help it if he looks like Alec. This is for Role Play purposes only.